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At Hunter and Lloyd we offer a wide range of global business solutions for local and international businesses, both in public and private sectors, bringing you a combined experience of 20 years spanning across different continents, dedicated towards providing professional services relating to:

  • Organisational Restructuring
  • Capital Raising
    Direct and Indirect Marketing
  • Brand Recognition & Establishment
  • Social Media Optimisation
  • Business Services & Expertise Procurement
  • Strong Social & Business Network
  • Help companies get involved in charitable, humanitarian and philanthropic causes
  • And Much Much More….


Our Practice Areas

Organisational restructuring

We offer a wide range of multidisciplinary advice on strategy, management and financial restructuring in organisations, to help growth and accommodate a shift in company strategy, or to become more competitive.

Capital raising

With our broad range of knowledge and contacts in the finance markets, we provide the best in capital raising to help with your requirements, structure solutions to address your capital needs, and raise debt or structured capital from various capital providers (including, banks and private funds).

Direct and indirect marketing

Marketing is a complicated business unless delivered with experience and expertise, this is where we excel in delivering to maximise budgets and help reach your audience and leads to quicker results.

Brand recognition and establishment

Building a brand includes establishing the right tone of the voice of your business. We provide comprehensive solutions for brand building, which will directly impact sales and organizational success.

Social media optimisation

We are experts in social media optimisation to help your business get recognised helping grow your company’s online reputation and presence on social media to help increase both the visibility and reach of your audience.

Business services and expertise procurement

Our in-depth market insight and contacts will help in providing your business or industry with unmatched procurement services and optimise your costs, Smart procurement can dramatically lower the bottom-line costs thereby increasing profits.

Strong social and business network

Our social network reaches globally, beyond borders which, with our other networks, will compliment and maximise the marketing activity that is planned to take your business to the next level.

Involve in charitable, humanitarian and philanthropic

Helping companies to associate into non-profit activities, to make a positive impact in their communities, giving to worthy causes with a desire to improve human welfare, we help to facilitate their philanthropic efforts.

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